Quatro Desktop Plating Fume Hood (Quatro Rh-OTA-1)

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The Quatro Desktop Plating Fume Hood is a self contained ventless fume system for containing fumes from jewelry plating of Rhodium, Gold and other metals. The Quatro Desktop Plating Fume Hood keeps fumes out of the workplace by using activated charcoal filters to scrub the dangerous fumes (sulfuric acid for Rhodium, cyanide for Gold and other metals) out of the air you and your employees breath. The Quatro Desktop Plating Fume Hood has a quite variable speed motor so you can turn it up when solutions are being heated and fumes are being produced. The unit will also indicate when it's time to replace on of the three filters-Top filter for Rhodium or Gold odor, middle HEPA filter, and bottom dust filter, so you can keep operating at peak performance. The Quatro Desktop Plating Fume Hood measures 24" Wide by 14-1/2" Deep by 31" High and is 120V/60hz. This product ships in 2 boxes, with a total shipping weight of 90 lbs. 7-10 day ship time.

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