100lb. Prestige Optima Investment

100lb. Prestige Optima Investment
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Prestige OPTIMA is a significant breakthrough by Certus to develop a new generation, gypsum bonded investment that consistently provides superior, smoother surface for casting today's resin patterns and a variety of other materials including:
1. Resin patterns (most all competitive brands) 
2. Carving waxes 
3. Standard injection waxes 
4. Plastics 
5. Wax based polymers 
6. Hybrid wax/plastic patterns 

•Highest mold expansion required for today's resin patterns 
•Unmatched batch to batch quality & consistency. Zero defects policy 
•E- Z mix formula. Mixes to a creamy, smooth, pourable slurry 
•Incorporates environmentally friendly control chemicals for safety & stability 
•Extra low rise of slurry under vacuum 
•Superior temperature resistance for higher burnout temps. 
•Greatly reduces porosity in the most difficult metals and saves time in finishing 
•Eliminates water marks on cast surface 
•Captures the most delicate details, time after time OPTIMA is the ultimate investment for casting palladium white gold and alloys that require higher temperatures for casting. The extra high expansion properties of OPTIMA allow for the investment to expand ahead of resin patterns and other high expanding pattern materials, thus avoiding flashing, or cracking of the mold. Optima "Far Surpasses the Industry Standard" in all categories for investment.

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