10" Jumbo 2 in 1 6W Black Light with LED Flashlight, UV Wavelength : 365nm

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Our Jumbo 2-IN-1 Black Light & LED Flashlight in Black—an essential tool for everyone. Whether you use this flashlight at night or in dark areas, the shorter wavelength of the light will illuminate brightly and clearly. The flashlight requires 3D batteries, which are not included.

Features of our Jumbo 2-IN-1 LED Flashlight include:
• Bright white LED bulb
• Length : 10"
• 6 Watt UV Tube
• UV wavelength: 365 nm
• Lanyard Included
• Useful 2-way switch between the black light and flashlight
• Requires 3D Batteries ( Batteries Not Included)
• Great for checking currency, credit cards, documents, detecting rodent contamination, blood, urine, minerals, scorpions, fluid leaks, and more
• Strap/lanyard for over-the-shoulder use or for attaching to your gear

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